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Why Starting Improvisation in Beginning Band is a Necessity

Improvisation is an essential skill in today’s musical landscape. Professional musicians of all kinds are often expected to improvise whether on a “classical”, “jazz”, or “commercial” gig. Improvisation allows us to hear players “thinking in music”. A player’s knowledge of melody, harmony, rhythm, and style becomes apparent when we hear them improvise. Unfortunately, n many cases, students only receive improvisation instruction if they are involved in a jazz ensemble. Furthermore, the complexities of jazz harmony can make improvising a daunting task for the young musician.

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Jazz Naming Conventions and WordPress’ Alignment with Creativity

WordPress has long been a platform dedicated to the creative community; with a free and open-source platform, unlimited customization potential, and an ever-increasing community of users, developers, and creators willing to provide help and assistance to anyone with an internet connection.

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5 Essential Ballads for Advancing Students and Strategies for Learning Them

Ballads are on the most (deceptively) difficult styles of song to learn and play for advancing jazz musicians for a variety of reasons; more chord changes often due to a slower tempo, Since the tempo is slower, there’s more space in to fill which brings time feel to the forefront, t’s difficult for students to understand the melodic/harmonic (mel/har) relationship, ballads often deviate from a standard 32 bar form with difficult tags and additional sections, It’s difficult, if not impossible, for students to create an emotional connection through music when they are developing which makes performing a ballad difficult.

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This Is: Hype Creative Studios

As an educator, student, or musician you’ve probably noticed that the music publishing market has been stagnant for a while. The way that we read and learn music is changing rapidly and many publishing companies haven’t caught up. The major players in this market (Alfred and Hal Leonard) have slight [...]

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